Book Notes

Matushka Theodosia: A God-given Eldress

“Never be despondent.
The Lord will arrange everything.”

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Schemanun Theodosia (Kosorotikhina)
1923 – May 2, 2014 +
Oktyabrskoye, Russia

“…The saints say ‘Health is a gift of God, but sickness is a priceless gift of God.’  If you accept it with thanksgiving, like Matushka Theodosia did, that cross will turn into spiritual gifts!  The Lord Himself knows what to give us and when.  And if he doesn’t send something it means we’re not ready.

– Author, Monk Nicolas

“Never be despondent.
The Lord will arrange everything.
Everything will be good for you if only you will believe in Him, hope in Him, and live according to His commandments.
And then you’ll always be joyful, and no one will take that from you.

– Matushka Theodosia

Source: Orthodox Word No. 320 (2018)

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