Prayer Spirituality

The Practice of Personal Prayer and its relation to the Spiritual Life in the Eastern Orthodox Tradition

Index of notes taken from previously recorded audio lectures given by Father Thomas Hopko to seminarians.

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The Sign of the Cross

“The sign of the Cross gives us great strength to repel and conquer evil and to do good, but we must remember to make the sign of the Cross correctly and without haste…”

– Fr. Seraphim Slobodskoy

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On Acquisition of the Holy Spirit

“If we understand the commandments of Christ and of the Apostles aright, our business as Christians consists not in increasing the number of our good deeds which are only the means of furthering the purpose of our Christian life, but in deriving from them the utmost profit, that is in acquiring the most abundant gifts of the Holy Spirit.”

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A Canon for Strugglers

“Don’t let anyone ever take your books away from you.
But don’t mistake the reading of books for the real thing,
which is the living of Orthodoxy.”

-Fr Seraphim Rose