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Saint John of Damascus

“Everyone must recognize that a man who attempts to dishonor an image which has been set up for the glory and remembrance of Christ, of His holy Mother, or one of His saints, is an enemy of Christ, of His holy Mother, and the saints .”

– Saint John of Damascene
(On Holy Images Part III)


8th Century AD

Writings / Teachings

  • On Holy Images
  • The Fount of Knowledge (consists of 3 parts)
    • Philosophical Chapters
    • Concerning Heresy
    • An Exact Exposition of the Orthodox Faith
  • Sacred Parallels
  • Oktoechos – the “hymn-book for the daily service,” named after the eight tones.

Troparion — Tone 8

Champion of Orthodoxy, teacher of purity and of true worship,
the enlightener of the universe and the adornment of hierarchs:
all-wise father John, your teachings have gleamed with light upon all things.
Intercede before Christ God to save our souls.

Kontakion — Tone 4

Let us sing praises to John, worthy of great honor,
the composer of hymns, the star and teacher of the Church, the defender of her doctrines:through the might of the Lord¹s Cross he overcame heretical error
and as a fervent intercessor before God
he entreats that forgiveness of sins may be granted to all.

Feast Day(s)

December 4th

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