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Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica

“St. Isaac the Syrian says, ‘Preserve your inner peace at all costs and do not trade it for anything in this world.'”

– Elder Thaddeus

“Our thoughts determine our whole life. If our thoughts are destructive, we will have no peace. If they are quiet, meek, and simple, our life will be the same, and we will have peace within us. It will radiate from us and influence all beings around us.”

“All of us, and especially those who have a family household under their charge, must learn to ‘commit ourselves and one another and all our life to Christ our God.’ When we fully believe that God will help us if we turn to Him from our heart, He comforts us.”

– Elder Thaddeus
Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives





“Our starting point is always wrong. Instead of beginning with ourselves,we always want to change others first and ourselves last. If everyone would begin first with themselves, then there would be peace all around!”

The Lord is present everywhere, and nothing happens without His will or His permission, either in this life or in eternity. When we accept this idea, everything is made easier. If God would allow us to do everything the way we desire and when we desire, this would certainly result in catastrophe.”

“I realized that we all worry about ourselves too much and that only he who leaves everything to the will of God can feel truly joyous, light, and peaceful.”

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April 13

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