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Blessed Father Seraphim Rose

“Orthodoxy is not so much a matter of the head,
it’s something living and it’s of the heart…”

– Blessed Fr. Seraphim Rose

“Don’t criticize or judge other people—regard everyone else as an angel, justify their mistakes and weaknesses, and condemn only yourself as the worst sinner.  This is step one in any kind of spiritual life.”

– Fr. Seraphim Rose


Someone said they had only heard of Father Seraphim before finally reading his biography from their parish library.  It was in reading this 1100 page volume that they met Fr. Seraphim in a sense.  It was also in this volume that they learned what true Orthodoxy of the heart is about – a deep heart-wounded love for Christ and His Church, much more than any intellectual achievement. It seems Orthodoxy of the heart overflows from love for Christ and is the culmination of the struggle to live in obedience to the Gospel commands in private, in the home, at work and in the life of the Church; difficult, narrow and acquainted repentance and sorrows, but overflowing with joy in Christ.   A brilliant mind and true intellectual himself, Father Seraphim said, “Don’t let anyone ever take your books away from you. But don’t mistake the reading of books for the real thing, which is the living of Orthodoxy.”

Father Seraphim taught about Orthodoxy of the heart.  He is the inspiration for this blog and both his life and writings have pointed many towards Christ in the most profound way. Through his prayers, may the Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on us and save our souls.



List of the Writings of Fr. Seraphim

Genesis, Creation and Early Man (audio reading)

Audio Lectures

Interview with Hieromonk Damascene

3-part series with Hieromonk Damascene (Author of the Life and Works of Fr Seraphim Rose).

Orthodox Survival Crash Course

13-part lecture series speaking to a broad scope of topics from an Orthodox Christian perspective. A unique and increasingly referenced Orthodox resource. Fr Seraphim initially taught the course in the 1970′s at the Platina monastery. Others have since continued to teach its content and it currently propagates freely and digitally via Internet.

A multi-part teaching series deliverd by another priest on the above lectures

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