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Archbishop Averky

“The ascetic is one who forces himself to do everything that is conducive to growth and development in the spiritual life and does nothing that would prevent this.”

“Archbishop Averky was one of the last giants of 20th-century Orthodoxy, not merely of the Russian Church Outside of Russia, or even of Russian Orthodoxy—but of the whole of the 20th-century Orthodox Church...

Archbishop Averky was an Orthodox scholar in the unbroken tradition of patristic thought which has come down to us from the ancient Fathers to our own days, and which he imbibed most of all in his own teachers, the 19th-century St. Theophan the Recluse (†1894) and the 20th-century Theophan of Poltava (†1940), a modern day cave dweller and an unblemished teacher of the Orthodox moral and spiritual life, he is also an unrivaled theological and patristic guide for us.

There are few saints left in our pitiful times. But even if we do not see about us now such upright and righteous ones as he, his teaching remains with us and can be our guiding beacon in the even darker days ahead which he foresaw, when the Church may have to go into the wilderness, like the Woman of the Apocalypse (ch. 12)—the Church of the last times.

– Father Seraphim Rose
The Orthodox Word, Vol. 17, Nos. 5-6 (100-101)
September—December, 1981

“Ascetism is something so closely bound up with the spiritual life that without it spiritual life is simply inconceivable.”

– Archbishop Averky, A Struggle for Virtue



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